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Welcome to Scandinavian Systems

Photo of Finlodge 5 (Thursday) Finlodge® House kits are made in factories which employ the most up to date equipment and manufacturing techniques. As a result of this Finlodge buildings offer the most outstanding value for money, not only for standard designs but also for specially designed houses. These fine and substantial buildings are manufactured to the standards required for residential housing, as well as larger buildings for public use.

New House Designs

The latest manufacturing techniques mean that larger (and smaller) specially designed Finlodge houses can be made to suit your own needs for size, shape and layout at the same highly competitiveprices as the standard designs. If you give us a rough outline of the required floor space we can produce detailed plans for your custom-made Finlodge. The flexibility of the Finlodge systems means that the new cost of a new building would typically be in proportion to the floor space - e.g. if the floor space of a new design is twice that of "Finlodge 3" then the cost of the kit will be approximately twice the cost of Finlodge 3.

Finlodge Public Buildings

Larger public buildings for Club Houses, Community Centres, Office and Hostel Accommodation can also be designed and supplied at similarly highly competitive prices.

Solid Construction

Finlodge buildings are made from solid flat interlocking logs which are double tongue and grooved for a tight fit - they are all numbered and simply slot together to make up the walls of the building. These machined logs are made from strong slow growing pine trees from managed forests in the North of Finland. High quality solid wood panelled doors, double glazed windows and beautiful panelled flooring throught create a specially relaxing and cosy atmosphere that is difficult to find in any other type of building.

Easy to Assemble

Due to the numbered log system Finlodge houses are well within the scope of the do-it-yourself builder - most Finlodges do not require any special lifting equipment. Each Finlodge is supplied with full assembly instructions. Alternatively, a local joinery firm will have the carpentry skills necessary to build the kit.

Design Service

We can supply a full service for producing plans as well as a structural design service for new Finlodge houses & public buildings.